Touch Therapeutic Massage
Abby Wahla, Licensed Massage Therapist

About Us

Touch Therapeutic Massage was created with the firm belief that "massage" is an important investment in your is not an indulgence but a vital tool to help you stay healthy and balanced.

In this modern fast paced society we continuously burden our body, mind and spirit with phenomenal amounts of stress, pressure and toxins but fail to provide adequate means to cope. So why are we then surprised when our bodies weaken unable to deal with the challenges, resulting in common modern ailments presenting disease and dysfunction. At Touch Therapeutic massage it is our philosophy that massage is part of the solution...allow yourself the journey towards regaining better health. Massage can be incorporated into a preventative or maintenance plan, complimentary to modern medicine and treatment.



Michael Swanson, Licensed Massage Therapist


Michael is passionate about providing a meditative, therapeutic massage experience that helps clients achieve lasting relief that will stay with them long after they get off the massage table. Through his understanding of human anatomy and kinesiology, Michael has developed his intuitive style of massage to help clients get at the root causes of their stiffness and daily aches and pains. He also provides exercises that clients can do at home in order to ensure their wellness journey goes smoothly. 


Jason Horcher, Licensed Massage Therapist

Jason has been a long time resident of Loudoun County and a graduate of American Massage and Bodywork Institute. From a very early age Jason has been drawn to healthcare services and believes in the therapeutic value of alternative therapies and massage as an important part of self care, having experienced the benefits of therapeutic massage himself. Jason is passionate about impacting others' health through the power of touch. His philosophy is "a person has one body in life and it's so important that body is taken care of properly". Jason's specializations include deep tissue, therapeutic massage with  a clinica/medical approach to treatment with a solid understanding of how the body works with a strong knowledge of Anatomy and Physiology.

Tracey Mahon - Licensed Massage Therapist, Licensed Acupuncturist- LAC NCCAIM Dipl Ac

Tracey is a compassionate Healing Arts Practitioner and Holistic Health Educator with over 25 years experience as a Master Level Massage Therapist. She is highly skilled in providing exceptional massage, bodywork, acupuncture and energy work. She specializes in a variety of modalities to address your specific health concerns and pain. Her touch is intuitive while healing, strong while relieving and gentle while relaxing. Her lifelong passion is to help support people to better health.


Abida Wahla, Licensed Massage Therapist


My passion for health, wellness, and a firm belief in alternative therapies combined with work in health promotional activities lead me to massage therapy over 31 years ago. I originally graduated in Scotland from a two year program in 1991, and more recently I received my certification in Massage Therapy from the Northern Virginia School of Therapeutic Massage in 2009. I am Nationally Certified and licensed by the VA Board of Nursing.

As a Massage therapist, my goal is to create a comfortable healing environment by listening and tailoring each massage session to meet your specific needs, addressing troubled areas, whether they are a result of stress, chronic pain due to injury, muscle strain and tension or occupational stress. My therapeutic style incorporates techniques from modalities such as: myofascial release (connective tissue work), trigger point therapy, MET.


Certified Massage Therapist -  graduate of Northern Virginia School of Therapeutic Massage 

Certified by the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork (NCBTMB)- National Certification # 583947-09

Virginia Board of Nursing - VA License # 0019008643

Higher National Diploma in Massage Therapy - Central College of Commerce, Scotland- 1991

Member of Associated Bodywork & Massage Professionals (ABMP)